Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"The Scent"

Up until recently I was on something of a dry spell when it comes to dating, hence the lack of blog posts. I was fine with that, I was actually quite content in my singleness. I had gotten to a point where honestly the thought of dating was repugnant. I was so tired of the whole scene. I realized that it seemed as though every single person was in the same situation, just at different points.
All the girls (including myself) liked a guy, who liked them back, but didn't want to commit to them. They liked to have their "back burner girls". On the same note, the guys I knew all had girls that they were dating but no one that they were totally interested in. No one that they wanted to date seriously, which in their defense isn't a bad thing, it's really frustrating to be dating people but not have anyone that you want to commit to, I've been there too.
I had absolutely no appetite for dating, and honestly I was fine with that. I could see myself in 20 years living in my own condo, traveling the world singing and being a motivational speaker. I imagined myself taking my nieces and nephews on tour with me while they were on their summer breaks, I could just see it, and it looked good, I just had to get past this point in my life being single and then I would be fine.
Then something changed...
I told myself I was not going to go on any pity dates. I was not going to be the one to make all the effort because guys are too cowardly to do it themselves, I decided that I was going on sabbatical (again) but this time, I would only come out of it if a guy that I could see myself dating were actually to make the effort and ask me on a date. Not ask me to hang out, not invite me to a party, but ask me on a date. That may not seem like a big deal, but to all you marrieds out there this is so rare these days.
Then someone did and all of the sudden guys are coming out of the woodwork. Some guys that have been around all along, and some that haven't. I have never understood this, but it seems like as soon as I am interested in someone, and there may be potential, the guys that I had given up on come around, and all of the sudden I have all the opportunities that I hadn't had before.
According to my best-friend-in-law, this is called "The Scent". Guys can smell another guy on me, and all of the sudden what was once their back burner may be taken away from them, and they don't want this, so they put on the charm.
Right now I have "The Scent" and it's driving other alpha males to do things they wouldn't normally do. The good thing is, I know they wouldn't normally do it, I know if I didn't have "The Scent" nothing would be different. One thing about being a somewhat older single (now don't freak out, I'm not saying I'm old I know I'm young and "have plenty of time" blah blah blah, but in the community that I live being an almost 27 year old single girl does put me at the older end of the spectrum)is that I know the game pretty well, and at this point I think I can tell when people are genuine and not. I have the scent of someone willing to make an effort, when the guys that are now smelling it weren't.
The Scent. Works better than perfume.