Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My dating life is nothing if not entertaining.
The goods are good the bads are bad, but they are always entertaining.
I find myself in the craziest of situations. Whether it be being flown across the country to go to a military ball then later (months later) being approached by the friend of the GIRLFRIEND of the military man that flew me out there, or dating brothers, roommates and cousins and not having any idea before-hand.
I always have a story to tell my friends and family, and more often than not they bring gasps and laughter. Most times also bringing the question, "How does this stuff happen to you all the time?"
I am either dating no one, or my cup runneth over. I like having options, but I don't like dating multiple people, I get anxiety. Makes things hard.
I have had several people tell me, "I am so curious to see who you end up with." because the guys I date are so different from one another. No one, myself included, has been able to figure out my "type".
I have a high turnover and for some reason whenever my cup runneth over, all the guys are so similar in name and attributes that no one can keep up with who I'm talking about or who did what.
This last week my journal has just been overloaded with, "Get THIS!" stories. Some horrible, some hilarious and some exciting.
At this point I can find the humor in my dating life (this point meaning right now, who knows how long this will last before I'm super frustrated and crying for the same reason)At this point it's easy to turn it into a joke and make people laugh with the stories of my life. One day I'll look back at all this and just think it's hilarious. At least it's active. It could be worse.
I'm debating whether or not to post the sequal to the Cinderella incident, twas such a romantic story. I classify it like this, the ball itself was the fairy tale, what has happened since is just very much real life. But man oh man is it a story!
That story in and of itself goes to show you how my dating life works. It's very entertaining to those who aren't actually living it. It's a good thing I like telling stories.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Past Relationship Shmast Relationship

OK, so I've started a number of new relationships in my day and one thing that I've noticed pretty early on, first date sometimes, is the topic comes up of past relationships.
Past relationships: What was your longest relationship? Have you ever been in love? Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever broken someone's heart? When was your last relationship?
I don't love answering these questions because they make me feel like a failure. LIGHTBULB! If I'M going out with the guy he's a failure too, and if he's not then I'm in some real trouble!
Why do we talk about past relationships and use that information to judge the other person? Oh his longest relationship was only 4 months, he has commitment issues. Oh he's never been in love, he's incapable. He's never been dumped? He's cocky. He's always the one to be broken up with? What's wrong with him that I haven't figured out yet? He hasn't been in a relationship in a year? Why bother? He JUST broke up with a girl? Dude's on the rebound.
These are things we all think, these are things I'm afraid guys think when they hear my answers.
Peeps! Those of us that are still in the wonderful world of dating need to realize, we all gots baggage, we've all failed at every relationship we've EVER had for one reason or another. So let's leave it where it happened, in the past.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The ability to love

Warning, this post is one from the soul, so if you're looking for funny in this blog today you're gonna get emo... I give you permission to go elsewhere :)

I have been thinking a lot lately about love. I will admit I am a person who has never been in love. I'm going to clarify by saying that to me, being in love means loving someone and having them love you back. I have definitely loved, and I have been loved, but those two loves have never been simpatico, they've never lined up.

I pride myself on the ability to see people for who they are capable of being. I pride myself on being able to love people who feel undeserving or incapable of being loved. I pride myself on the fact that I can make someone feel like they deserve it, that they are worthy of it.

Problem, I do love those people. I give them all I have to show them that SOMEONE can, they thank me and with their new found confidence find someone else that loves them.

I am grateful that loving people comes easily to me. I love people. The people in my life are everything to me and I do what I can to show them or tell them that. I think that is a virtue!

Is it unreasonable to hope that someone will appreciate that enough to love me back?