Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Movie Moments

I've thought a lot about writing a post like this because my dating life, though not always awesome, has had some great moments. I have some great stories that when I tell them people say, "That's just like in the movies"
Though that may be true, real life always hits. I am still me, my dating life is still a joke and I'm not married so my life is far from a Rom/Com, however those moments are really fun to live... in the moment.

Movie Moment: My first kiss, on the beach, in Hawaii with a guy who was a professional surfer, under the stars by a camp fire.
Real Life: I never saw him again

Movie Moment: Being flown to North Carolina to go to a military ball with an officer in the Army.
Real Life: Finding out he had a girlfriend and spending the next nine months explaining myself to her and her friends as to why I was there and what happened with us. He and I haven't spoken in about a year. (The Ball was a year and a couple of months ago)

Movie Moment: Seeing this gorgeous man at a Zupas and thinking, "How cool would it be if he were to come sit with me" and then him coming and sitting with me!
Real Life: Adding each other on Facebook and then never talking again. (We are no longer facebook friends)

Movie Moment: Seeing a good looking guy in an audience and making eye contact. Holding eye contact knowing I'll probably never see him again.
Real Life: Seeing him again and feeling foolish for keeping eye contact for so stinkin long

Ok so that last one worked out fine, as we are still dating.

There are quite a few other movie moments in my history and those moments are so fun, the real life moments that follow are just that, real life and if anything it just makes my dating life that much funnier. It's filled with gasps followed by sighs.

I just like to keep things interesting.