Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If only they KNEW!!!

OK, so there is this musician who is rather well known in Utah. I am friends with him on facebook, but have never actually met him.
He has an amazing voice and all I think about when I hear him sing is HOW WELL WE'D SOUND TOGETHER...
So I've messaged him a couple of times. I Sent him my website info, gave him my number, what have you, but he's not biting.
It's so frustrating because to him, I'm just some random girl who "says" she can sing, but for all he knows I'm like all those people on American Idol who know they can win, then you hear them sing and think, "WHO is telling them that they should audition?"
I know if he were to give it a shot he would be pleasantly surprised and I really think we could make some SWEET music together, but I don't want to harass him and be more creepy than I've already been.
Oh the frustration!