Friday, February 21, 2014

What was I thinking?

*Disclaimer this post has nothing to do with my current life*

I remembered something yesterday that I haven't thought about in years and it made me think, "What was I thinking???"
When I was a little kid, my best friend lived about a mile away. I used to walk to her house all the time.
One winter day I was walking to her house. I was walking up the hill on Eastdell and I thought, "I wonder if anyone would stop if I just laid here on the ground." So I laid down. Guys, I'm like 8 years old, it's winter, middle of the day and I laid down on the sidewalk on a relatively busy street. If you were to see that what you would do? I, as an adult, would FREAK OUT!!! I just laid there... on the sidewalk, and after a couple of minutes, OF COURSE a car pulls over and a man opens his door. I got scared (duh) and popped right up and just kept walking up the hill as though nothing happened.
I didn't talk to the man, didn't even look at him, and from what I can remember he didn't say anything to me either.
I think about that now and I just laugh at how silly it is and what he must have been thinking.
So there you go, I am, and always have been, a weirdo.
(Side note, thank heaven nothing happened to me, in the world today the idea of an 8 year old little girl being alone is abhorrant.)

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