Monday, March 17, 2014

Half way there...

Today is the half way point in mine and Matt's engagement. We got engaged, 2 months ago tomorrow and get married in two months from today.
Have Done:
Wedding dress, bought
Matt's suit, bought
Engagements, taken
Venue, booked
Invitations, ordered
Guest List, finalized (after much stress)
Honeymoon, booked

To do:
Dress is being hemmed
Matt needs a tie
Bridals (in Utah)
Pick a photographer
Pick food for luncheon
Hair and makeup trial runs
Send invites
Get wedding license

It's crazy to think that 2 months has already passed since we got engaged, but at the same time having 2 months left seems like forever. I keep telling Matt, "think of it this way, when we first started talking about getting married we said March, and at that point 2 months seemed SO SOON!" It doesn't matter it still feels like it's never going to come. It doesn't help that if we got married when we originally said, we would have gotten married last week. I tell Matt though, if we would have stayed with March I would have been a bridezilla the whole time. I don't do well with stress and I'm sorry to say I don't hide it well. I needed the extra time!

We finalized the guest list last night and that was my biggest point of frustration. I am a people pleaser and I hate the idea of people being offended or having hurt feelings if they can't come or aren't invited. I hope everyone would understand that it's simply a matter of space and that if I could I would want everyone there. The idea of hurting someone's feelings is just too hard for me to handle. Last night we figured out a list that we both felt good about and that I think will make the most people happy. Once that was settled it was like this HUGE weight was taken off my shoulders and the rest of the time I can just enjoy everything.
We were talking with Matt's parents last night about how the day is going to go and I just got so excited.
With the stress of the guest list behind us I just want to say how grateful I am to have so many people that want to share this day with us. We are so lucky to have so many people that love us. There are worse problems to have, that's for sure. I have been so touched at the things that people have said to me, whether it be in person, or text message or even Facebook message. People that I rarely talk to have told me how excited and happy they are for me. A number of people have told me that seeing this happen for me has given them hope. This experience has been so humbling and I feel so honored to be at the receiving end of so much love.
My cup runneth over with amazing people and now I'm adding a whole world of people into my life. I hardly feel worthy. Matt's friends and family have been so wonderful and I am so excited to have them as my own.
2 months from today I will be Matt's wife. I will be a daughter-in-law. I will be the sister-in-law to 16 people and a new aunt to 29 (and a half) people.
2 months from today. 61 days.

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